The University of Chicago

Designing for a Haven of Creative Eggheads

My last full-time job before going solo was at the University of Chicago’s central web design and development group. While there, I had the extreme good fortune to redesign and art direct the University’s homepage and central site—a design that remained in place for five years, before the current iteration replaced it. I also played a key role on the team that overhauled the undergraduate college’s online application—an overhaul that contributed the University leap from #9 to #4 on the U.S. News and World Report’s college rankings (a key metric for which is how many applicants a school admits from its total applicant pool).

I felt very lucky when my friends at uchicago invited me back to work on various projects as a freelancer after I left. Examples of some designs I proposed and contributed during these projects are below.


Web and Graphic Design, Art Direction, Responsive Front-End Coding