Marsh Haven Nature Center

Polishing a Hidden Gem in Wisconsin's Great Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Marsh Haven Nature Center needed a comprehensive overhaul of its website and visual identity. Poor search engine optimization made it difficult to discover that the center even existed. If you did happen upon their website, drab photos and a confusing information architecture didn’t making a compelling case for a visit. And there were about four different logo variations in circulation.

Largely reliant on volunteer labor and visitor donations, Marsh Haven couldn’t afford to hire a web designer… and a photographer… and a front-end coder… and a WordPress implementer. And let’s not even get into a branding consultant, or a print designer, or an SEO consultant. Happily, they did hire me! This was a fun and deeply satisfying project in that I was able to wear about 8 different hats and bring many facets of my creative skills and technical expertise to bear. Within a week of the new site launching, the director was hearing from visitors, and from individuals inquiring about putting on events like weddings, that the new site had encouraged them to discover a heretofore hidden gem.


Web and Graphic Design, WordPress Development, Photography, Branding, Collateral Design